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Avoid them like the plague, unless you’re too dependent on Goolag, in which case you should just stay on stock & also be spied by Facebook & a myriad of other corpos as well. There will be no testing for these ROMs, as I refuse to recommend them. A Dirty Unicorn-based ROM built by Indonesians proud of their Indonesian background. This is the 1st Limbo ROM to ever provide microG / Vanilla / Goolag builds. This sounds great on paper, but keep in mind that since it isn’t enforced, this puts them in the Limbo category.

best stock rom for poco f1

This makes it one of the most accessible custom ROMs for Android users. For all of you Android enthusiasts out there, custom ROMs can be a great way to customize and enhance the performance of your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-smooth user experience or more control over your device, custom ROMs can provide it.

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  • Hence, to meet the user demands, Custom ROMs are designed as per their choice.

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There was a time when CyanogenMod was the only name that came to our mind when anyone talked about custom ROM. However, due to internal conflict and drama, Cyanogen Inc. discontinued CyanogenMod in December 2016. The developer community then rebranded the project as LineageOS.